Sunday, April 22, 2012

Buying clothes for the "new you"

I am guilty of buying an article of clothing with the goal of fitting into it "one day." You know the problem with that? That one day never seems to get here. Sure I can fit into that clothing but now it is out of style. It is almost like buying a wedding dress for that wonderful day and not even having a fiancee at the time. You never can tell if you might have to look at maternity wedding dresses when the real time comes. Clothing should just be an expression of who you are today, not who you will be one day in the future.

Healthy living, not instant living

I am always surprised when someone asks me if they should try a quick diet or a 3 day fast. I even get people asking me "is 7 day slimming pill safe?" To which I answer, "a better life long eating pattern is the safest." You can't rush your body, you have to let it adapt to healthier living over a period of time.

Don't for the instant results that fail in the long term. Go for change that is permanent.

Friday, December 30, 2011

It has been awhile since my last post

Boy did this year go fast. I had no idea that I had not published a blog post since October. I guess I got too busy with life to actually write about life....LOL.

Winter life has been interesting so far. We almost had a full blown chimney fire due to creosote build up in the top of the chimney. Thank goodness the fire was discovered during a heavy rain storm otherwise the roof would have caught fire. That same rain storm dumped enough water to cause huge muddy pools of standing water in the backyard which in turn made the area slippery to walk near. Several businesses and a heroin detox rehab treatment centers had to shut down until the water recedes which should be sometime this weekend.

Health watch has not been so much as internal but external with protecting ourselves from the elements and winter has only just begun.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eating healthy during the holiday season

It is a fact that we are geared genetically to gain weight during the winter months. This is to help our bodies tolerate cold winters. Of course our genes don't know about central heating so it keeps telling us to eat for the winter. That is one of the main reasons that most feast days for humans have been historically in the winter months.

We must consciously make the decision to eat wisely during our feasting holidays. Eat small meals and don't pig out on odd burlesque pasties for sale or cakes that are very rich in creams and sugars. I am not saying you should avoid them entirely, no, just eat taster sizes. Don't eat a whole slice of cheese cake, cut it in half and share it.

Eat and savor each small bite and you'll find that the holiday season will be good to your body.