Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Music helps you to move that bod

If you love listening to music while you workout then the invention of ipods was the key you were waiting for. No longer did you have to disturb others with music first thing in the morning or in the evening while you worked out. Now you had your own little world of music you could listen to.

On my iPod I set it up to listen to music to run to, dance to or cool out after a workout. I have the songs set up to last as long as my workout and I know when to change exercises to the tempo of the songs.

If you have an iPod or an MP3 player you can set it up to use it for your workouts.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exercising in the heat

Heat waves should not stop you from working out but you do need to be careful. You can change your workout type to add swimming or some type of water sport. You can change the time you workout so you can exercise during the cooler hours of the morning. Don't let your ambition to lose weight be one of your hard drives in your life if it affects your overall health.

Drink plenty of water, not soda or energy drinks when you workout. Your body craves water and the sweet stuff, yes even the diet drinks are full of junk, is not good for thirsty body.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Exercise is very important when dieting

If you don't exercise when you are dieting you will end up with loose flabs of skin hanging off your body. Women will lose weight where men like to see it - in the boobs. If women don't exercise to tighten the muscles to pull in the skin they will end up at the plastic surgeons office. Men will have a flap of skin over hanging their belt. Both will need a nip and tuck.

Exercise is cheaper than plastic surgery. Exercise is also a great way to unwind from the day's events. Mental worries and stress are gone when you exercise. You could care less about the state of the economy, Outer Banks foreclosures and looking for a job while you exercise.

Another bonus is the fact that if you are looking for a new job, you will look physically better during the interview if you are on a good exercise routine.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dumb me

I really wish that texting had not got so out of hand. It is almost like every small word is an anagram for a sentence or the shortened version of a longer word. I was reading an article the other day and came across the phrase "free seo tool" and thought it was something about diets. I had no clue what seo stood for. I now know what it means so you can call me dumb.


Have you seen the newest exercise item called Kettlebells? It is a fancy hand weight dumbbell that is suppose to change the way you work out. Where have I heard that one before? Other than holding the weight a different way I see nothing unusual about it. What might make a difference in the exercise package they sell with the weights. A ton of DVD's and workbooks. Of course what I need is a personal trainer right beside me, telling me to get off my fat a$$ and workout more often.

To me workout DVD's are fun to watch but I seldom actualy exercise right along with them more than once or twice.

One of my most embarrassing moments

About 17 years ago I had one of my most embarrassing moments with my weight. I had, at least what I thought was, a fairly nice figure, that is until the day I was approached by a co-worker who told me that she and several others wanted to know when the "baby" was due. I was not pregnant!

It not only embarrassed me but the co-worker that asked me. I was not only embarrassed but also angry at the lack of tact that the women had. It almost got me to the point of printing out a sign for my office that said " there will not be any birth announcements this year".

If you know someone who is overweight do not mention anything about dress sizes, weight or pregnancies to them. They are well aware of how much they weigh and don't need to be reminded every hour.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Surgery for weight loss

Would you resort to surgery as a method of weight loss? Most people would say no, but there are some people where surgery is the only option left open to them. The lap band was recommended to a family member that cannot exercise because of lack of mobility. That person uses food as a comfort. Depression of his condition triggers him to eat more which in turn depresses him. It is a vicious cycle.

I would not recommend you go out and find a lap band doctor on your own. You need to go through your doctor for all the information and discuss the surgery with him/her. After all, lap band surgery is MAJOR surgery and not to be entered into lightly.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is fasting a viable weight loss method?

Centuries ago. fasting was a normal event for devote religious people. It was traditional to fast (eating only bread and water or sometimes just water) for one day of the week. This was an action of mind over body.

Today fasting is fairly rare among most people in the USA. Does fasting have a place in the modern world as a weight control method? I think it does. For the one 24 hour period of nothing but water it would help shrink the stomach and help people feel more satisfied on less food.

Fasting might be a way to control your weight if you are willing to fast one day of the week each week. Of course you should try this only if you have no underlying medical problems like diabetes.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Keep your exercise equipment simple

One of the best ways to stop working out is to buy a complicated piece of exercise equipment that is either difficult to maintain, hard to move or has too many adjustments and plastic knobs on it. Keep your workout equipment simple. A jump rope, bicycle or just plain walking is better for you in the long run.

If you get to the point that working out is now a way of not losing weight but building muscle and trimming up then you can start to look at the types of workout equipment that is best suited for what body type you are aiming for.