Sunday, September 27, 2009

Health knowledge

It is amazing how much a person can learn about how the human body works when one is trying to attain an ideal weight and fit body. You don't have to do an search for Online master degrees in the medical field to gain the knowledge you need to get healthier. Although there have been times when after an extensive medical physical I have thought that I could become an RN or at least a dietitian. Are online classes available in those fields or are they a hands on only type of training?

Well, getting back to reality for me and simply getting more exercise is on my agenda for the next few weeks. I have been noticing that I have been getting short on breath after just mild housework so I will have myself checked out for that.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Knowing when to take a break from exercise

You should be well aware that in order for your body to build muscle from your workouts you should NOT be exercising those same muscle groups within 24 hours. For example you can walk or run one day then the next day do an upper body workout. Your muscles need 48 hours to rest and build more muscle tissue. By letting each muscle group take a break from a workout you maximize the effects of those workouts.

By the same token if you don't give those muscle groups a 48 break you will end up with very thin and elongated muscles. That works out great if you are a long distance runner but not if you have a lot of fat to lose.

For your own peace of mind you should also take a mental break from working out. Take a nice long bath or soak in the hot tub for the time you would normally be working out that day. Light the scented candles in your fancy candle sconces and relax. Unwind and don't worry about your weight for one day a week.

Do weight loss products really work?

So you have gotten to the point of almost giving up on that healthy diet and exercise routine. You haven't lost an ounce in at least a month and you are at your wits end. Should you resort to find a weight loss product over the counter or should you consult your doctor first? Writing from experience I say get your doctor involved. I had to have blood tests run to see what was wrong with me - I couldn't lose weight at all for at least 2 years no matter what I did.

Your doctor can assess your body and tell what would be the best weight loss product for your body or even if you need such a product. My doctor found out that I had an under active thyroid that was slowing down my metabolism. Without my thyroid medication, my under active thyroid would also affect my internal organs. So by having my doctor check me out I avoided putting my general health in jeopardy.

Exercising outdoors

Winter will be upon us soon. Have you made plans as to where you will exercise? Will you be indoors or out? When I mean outdoor exercising I don't mean taking a walk to the nearest patio chairs and sitting down. You may laugh about that, but that is exactly what my dad use to do. He passed away from artery diseases about 9 years ago. Lack of exercise was one of the main contributions.

You must keep up being active all year long. It is good for your heart as well as your lungs and mental well being.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The down side to being overweight

We all know the health affects of being overweight.The increased risks for heart attacks and other health problems but it also affects our pocket book. Did you know that our insurance rates go up? Life insurance is a big one on that. Most insurance policies make you get a physical check-up as part of procedure to get a policy. It is almost a rarity to find life insurance no medical exam nowadays.

Also did you know that any medical information reported to an insurance company goes on your rate information? If you have ever seen the TV show Seinfeld then you might have seen the episode of Elane trying to find a doctor where she had not been "blacklisted" with. It maybe funny but some elements of that show were right on the money - insurance money that is.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Losing baby fat

Almost all of the moms I know have battled the baby fat syndrome. Losing those excess pounds after the baby was born is no easy feat. The human body goes into survival mode to produce milk for the newborn. The new mother's mind is geared to eat and eat more to produce that milk. It doesn't matter if the baby is bottle fed or not the body wants those extra calories.

The most experienced mother I can think of is Michelle Duggar, the mom who has given birth to 18 children and the 19th one is on it's way. She made a comment recently about how she was trying to lose weight between children and was having a hard time about it. She took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant yet again. Michelle is only 42 years old and I can think of better ways she can control her weight rather than being pregnant most of the time.

The Duggar family has stirred up a hornets nest on the internet with people both supporting her right to bear children and others who think she and her family are living off the American TV viewing public for their income. You can find out more about that gossip here.