Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obesity is now an epidemic

Did you know that in the USA, obesity is now at epidemic rates? That means that heart disease, diabetes, and other weight related health problems will rise right along with it. You will also see an increase in companies trying to cash in on that. More fad diets, exercise equipment and other gizmos will be bombarding us. Next you will see more franchises that encourage home based businesses with herbal supplements to help with weight loss.

All of that instead of people just learning to eat a balanced diet, stay away from fast food and excessive snacking and get out and off of the couch. I wonder when will people learn? Or are they merely sheep that listen to commercials that push food and videos games? I hope not. I hope there is hope for us.......for all of us.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sex sells

One of my biggest gripes against society and corporations in particular is the fact they push sex and being thin down our throats at every turn then push fast food on every corner of town. Let's face it the photo below is not to draw attention to the new Jaguar car, nope it is the scantly dressed woman.

You find that sex is used to sell everything from Ferrari parts to baby diapers. If you can not seen the newest commercial for Huggies diapers then you have not seen how bad it can get. I do have to admit the commercial is funny but it goes to prove that sex appeal is used to push products down our throats.

So why do I have a gripe with it? Simple, us women and men that do not measure up to those perfect images are now trying to perfect our own bodies through surgery, diets and body shaping foundation underwear. That does not even take into account the mental problems that often people get when constantly bombarded with what society perceives as what we should look like.

My personal feeling on dieting is to diet for you health and not for looks. Lose weight because it is good for your heart or reduce your chance of premature death, not to simply get into that sexy outfit.

Changed the layout of the blog

So what do you think? I kept the header but I might change that. The blog was way overdue for a new look. I just got several new books on how to use Photoshop and Corel Paint. I want to eliminate that fuzzy look around the words that MS Paint gave me. I do like the new color combination of the blog.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One draw back of losing weight

If you are over 45 and you decide to lose a lot of weight over a short period of time you will experience one big drawback to rapid weight loss - loose skin. I am not taking just about that turkey neck or needing wrinkle eye cream, nope, I am talking about large flaps of skin that use to be your belly, boobs or thighs.

To stop that from happening you MUST exercise to tighten the muscles under the skin to help the skin shrink. You will also find out that you need to lose weight at a slower pace in order for your body to better wise that is.

Not all the information for weight loss is good

I signed up for a email newsletter recently that was supposed to be full of diet recipes and losing weight tips. What it turned out to be was nothing more than an affiliate marketing scam. I was really disappointed. The recipes were nothing more than links to cook books to buy. Why do people do that?