Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A new bed

Our bed is finally wearing out. I wonder how long a bed is suppose to last. Two overweight people spending at least 7-9 hours a night on it for 11 years sure did wear it down fast. So we had a discussion on what type of bed do we really want to get. I was all for getting a water bed again, since that is what we first had before this bed, while hubby wants us to look into a memory foam bed. There happened to be a local memory foam mattress sale and we went. Whoa, are those things expensive! It looks like we might be getting that water bed again, yippee!

Why do people love this blog?

I know that this little blog is not very well known or visited, but it sure does attract more than its fair share of spammers. I would like to know why Patek Philippe is always leaving spammy comments. That was until I Googled the name and found out it was a watch maker. Come on people, would someone who was interested in watches really want to visit a diet blog? get real.

I just met the rudest overweight person today

Before you go jumping down my throat about making generalizations about fat people, let me say that I weighted as much as 190 pounds at my heaviest and I am a 5'2" woman who should be weighing around 120 pounds. Yes I was obese but I was never rude or inconsiderate of others as much as the fat pig I had the unfortunate pleasure to meet today.

We were both at Walmart, near the vending machines in the front of the store. He was driving one of the Walmart handicapped chairs. I was behind him and he knew I was there. Without warning he starts to back that thing up and I had no where to move to since there were carts on both sides of me (I was walking and had no cart with me). He damn nearly run over me. I did manage to get out of his way and all he did was give me a nasty glare, never speaking a word to me. I managed to get around him and was at the vending machine when he decides to move forward. This time I got my item and got out of his way.

It was a few minutes later that I saw him again and this time I was walking to my car and he was walking to his car. His car was not in the handicapped parking spot, nor did it have any handicapped stickers on it. That damn fool was using the handicapped cart for shear laziness.

When I got to my car, I sat and sorted through few things and then looked up, expecting him to be gone. Nope, he was still there, trying to start his car - it wouldn't start!! I had a big smile on my face as I drove out of the parking lot as he was on his cell phone. I bet he was calling his roadside assistance plan. I guess that is what you get when you try to run someone down in a store.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't just sit there!!!

How many times have you said that to yourself (see the title) only to say - later I'll do that. I am betting you never get around to it. Your comfortable modern couches or the overstuffed chair is just too nice to leave. I thought that for 6 months a few years ago. For 6 months I just sat most of the day in my overstuffed easy chair and watched TV or did a few hand held hobbies to pass the time of day. I finally realized that my life was passing me by and that I was not able to walk or go hiking like I used to do without getting out of breath. Even doing something like carrying a 40 pound sack of dog food from the car into the house was a chore.

That was when I decided to say - ENOUGH! I got off of the chair and started to do something with my life and get back into shape. I lost 30 pounds since then and I have managed to keep it off. Now I am working on gaining more muscle.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why is Zumba the latest fitness fad?

If you have not seen what Zumba fitness is, then here is a video off the latest fitness craze that is sweeping America:

As you watch the video, take notice that even some of the people that were sitting at the beginning of the dance are now standing and dancing too. The reason why it is such a fantastic way to lose weight and get in shape is that it is fun. I can see Zumba dance clubs popping up all over the place, can you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Interesting studies on obesity

I just saw on TV a few news stories about obesity. The first one claimed to have found the major reason why people in the USA are becoming more and more obese. It was not due to eating habits but the fact that their bodies are not needing as much food as it use to. You see they claim that the human body uses "X" amount of calories a day to regulate its body temperature. More and more people are now living in temperature controlled environments and don't use those calories for temperature regulation anymore. Your body use to work hard to keep you cool and hard again to warm you up. If your body doesn't have to do that then it doesn't need those calories anymore. That was an interesting news story.

The next one was about how obese women thought that they were being picked on at a local clothing store by being "spied" on by the store's security cameras. Not sure where that story was heading.

The last story I saw was one on childhood obesity and the strange part about the story was not the actual story but the one that followed it, it was about how PE was being removed from school curriculum. Now if only they figured out that those 2 stories were linked then they would have cause and effect right there.

Obesity and weight sure is in the news almost everyday now. It use to be just fad diet news but now it has become a national health crisis.