Saturday, November 27, 2010

Foods to induce sleep

Feeling tired after a big meal is a normal part of being human. Your body wants to slow down to properly digest the meal....and that means sleep. Some foods have been known to induce sleep and are a better choice than pill types of sleep aids.

Warm milk has a sleep inducing effect. I have not personally tried it since I am allergic to milk. Other foods are peanuts, sunflower seeds and oatmeal cookies. So technically a warm glass of milk with some oatmeal and raisin cookies should put you right to sleep.

Bone density and suppliments

Did you know that calcium supplements do not work? I bet that is a news item to you. I studied in the "Better Bone and Balance" program that is part of the Oregon State University bone lab. They found that eating calcium has very little to do with building bones. Bone density is increased by impact exercises and not what you eat.

Look up the bone lab studies on the OSU website and you will find lots of up to date information on how you can stop osteoporosis in as little as 6 weeks. 

Seeing old friends

Have you ever met someone you knew from years ago only to ask yourself how come they look so old? I remember one guy that I knew from a former job, who was only in his late twenties, looked decades older. He smoked, drank heavily and used illegal drugs. All of those factors contributed to his aged facial looks.

So the  best anti aging products are to simply not use tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drugs. Take care of your body and you will save money on not buying beauty products to repair damaged skin from premature aging.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Should you treat yourself to a new outfit as an incentive to losing weight?

How many times have you told yourself you should buy that great looking dress, pants or top as an incentive to lose weight just to fit into it? I know I have, only to never fit into the article of clothing in time for it not to go out of style. I made the mistake of buying a dress that was 3 sizes too small for me and I only lost 2 sizes.

So if you do decide to go out on a clothes shopping spree this Black Friday and find something that you just have to have, just buy it in the next size down from what you are now. That is about 7 to 10 pounds less than you are now. Losing that much weight will be easier that trying for a 20 pound weight loss.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Talk to your doctor first

Don't believe all you read online or see on TV ads about weight loss supplements. Please find out the facts from your doctor. Certain drugs, herbs or mixtures of the two can do a number on you if you have underlying health problems like cholesterol, thyroid problems, asthma, circulation or heart problems.

Don't give in to your whims of quick weight loss. Please talk to your doctor. Your health is more important than a cheap bottle of pills.

Tracking your health

With today's Apple apps, data base software and smart cell phones, there is no excuse for you not to track your weight loss, fitness workout or your blood sugar levels. Gone are the days of self inking stamps and hand written notes to yourself. You can now actively track your health progress. Those new technology tools - use them.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A fabulous new you in time for the end of the year

Forget about waiting for the new year to make resolutions about your health, start right now in making your life healthier.....a new you! Take the time to get healthy again. If it takes an extra 15 minutes in the morning just to eat healthier or do those morning stretches, then just vow to make time for it. If you need motivation to get you going, then find someone who can be your mentor. It could be a relative or your next door neighbor. If you can't find anyone then you might find that motivation from a book or video. Amazon or has plenty of books and DVDs to choose from. Most of all, you must not procrastinate. Putting off getting healthy should never be on your mind....getting healthy now should.

A simple way to cut your appetite

Almost everyone I know has heard that you should eat your meals slowly so that you give your stomach time to feel full. Unfortunately we cannot always do that for lunch while at work or at school. I have found another way to help your stomach feel full without the aid of new diet pills or eating "filling foods." The secret is psyllium, the ingredient found in Metamucil®. What psyllium does is form a gel in your gut when it is wet and makes you feel full. In order for it to be effective you should take it in pill form. Take the pill about 1 hour before your big meal of the day. You will feel full or nearly full before you even start to eat. That will enable you to eat smaller portions and to walk away from the dinner table without any hunger pangs.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog changes

After changing the title and layout of this blog I have noticed a bit of an increase in visitors. People are more interested in their overall health rather than just one aspect of it. While TV pushes the perfect look for everyone via commercials and TV shows, just being healthy for most of us is a blessing.

While I have seen some increase in visitors I have also noticed some strange Google ads show up. The main one I keep seeing is the ads for fast food places and the other one for Davidoff cigars, which is rather strange for a health blog. Someone did tell me once that if I mentioned someone famous passing away on a blog, that I should expect funeral ads below the post. I must have encouraged my readers to quit smoking and those odd ads showed up.