Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diet pills to stay away from

When a diet pill claims to help you lose weight in under 5 days - watch out. I have seen many a questionable diet pill that have online ads that claim "Diet pills that work fast." Those pills often do work very fast but they either give you instant diarrhea or a caffeine high.There are only 2 ways that those types of pills work. They either remove excess water from your body and  help your body to move the food faster through your system or they will amp your body up so that you will be more active and burn off those extra calories. The problems with both of these methods is that your health will suffer as a result.

Breast feeding woes

I often wonder how many new mothers actually have enough milk minutes after giving birth to actually breast feed their baby. I know that my milk did not come in until 3 days after my daughter was born. I was panic stricken at the time. I thought my daughter would starve without my milk but I found out from my doctor later that a new born baby can live 3 days before needing its first true feeding.

Needless to say, as I was waiting those entire 3 days, I did feed my daughter with formula until my milk came in. After my breasts became so large and full of milk I did not have to worry about how to increase breast milk production, I had more than enough for her. What I did have to worry about was when my milk "let down" at the sound of a baby cry. Having a wet top out in public was no fun at all.

Acne, the sign of a changing human

Acne is not restricted to adolescents going through their teen years. Nope, acne shows up during times of  major hormonal changes. There is "baby acne" when a baby is just adjusting to its new world and growth hormones are just kicking in. Of course puberty is the next stage of life when acne shows its ugly blackhead. Then as if we have not had enough of acne already, adult acne shows up in our 20's and 30's. That late stage acne could be due to other hormonal influences induced by stress or premature aging.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A warning for pregnant women

Besides all of the health warnings that pregnant women have to face, there is also something that only other formerly pregnant women will tell you........to remove that wedding ring. You see, that fashionable Wedding Jewelry on your fingers can also be a health hazard.

As your pregnancy progresses, you gain weight all over your body, not just in the areas around the growing baby. Your hands and feet are subject to swelling. Rings if not removed during the first months of pregnancy will become harder and harder to remove. During the last month of the pregnancy the ring may cause discomfort and block blood circulation to the finger it is on. It is not uncommon for wedding rings to be cut off of pregnant women during the last trimester of their pregnancy.

So if you love your ring and don't want it cut from your finger then remove it while you still can.

Creating a place to workout

How many times you have said to yourself that you lacked the time and or space to have a decent workout? You know that you can change that.........that is if you really want to. You can always make time for a quick 20 minute workout and space can be something as simple as moving the coffee table out of the way in the living room.

To make more space for a daily workout all you need is your TV and some floor space. For example, I have a non-flat TV (the old fashion kind) and once we get a new samsung lcd TV, the old TV will be moved to a back room and hooked up to our Sony Play Station and then we will use it to exercise to "Dance Dance Revolution" and play several workout DVD's. The small back room is currently used as storage and rarely used so changing it to a workout room will make a good addition to the home.

So you see, a workout room does not have to be filled with equipment. Just keep it simple and give yourself lots of floor space to move about.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Money is the root of stress

Forget about money being the "root of all evil," instead think of it as the root of all stress. More couples fight over money than sex. As you can guess it is the lack of money that is the cause of the fights. I have never heard of people fighting over having too much money but then again I am not living in that social circle.

Stress is the result of worrying about the lack of money. It forces people to act out wrongly towards others in the form of verbal and physical fights, as well act irrationally such as using payday loans or robbing a bank. So what is the cure? Simple, talk.....talk to each other about the money in the family. Talk about it as if it was a tool or a appliance, don't get emotional about it. Money should not invoke feelings either good or bad. It is a thing not an emotion. Once you have removed the emotion from your "talk" you should come up with some good sound ways to tackle the problem at hand, all without stress.

Old time exercise machines

Do you remember those old time belt exercise machines? I remember seeing my first one back in 1965 when I was a toddler. Seeing a neighbor doing her daily "exercising" that way was what I thought that exercise was all about.

Would it surprise you that those gawd awful machines are making a comeback? It makes as much sense as buying address labels when all you do is send text messages or email. Don't be a dummy and fall for one of those machines. Get out and do some actual exercises.