Saturday, February 26, 2011

Acne is now affecting more adults than ever

When I was a teen, acne was the dreaded illness to be treated at all costs. That was long before teen pregnancy and drug abuse became much more of a problem. Nowadays acne has creeped from the teen years to affecting adults too. Men and women well into their 40's are now battling acne as if they were teens again.

One thing I had always thought was a major contributor to acne was air pollution. This is from my own experience when I was a teen growing up in a large urban city. When ever our family went on vacation to a rural or wilderness area, my acne would clear up entirely only to return when I was in a heavily air polluted area.

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Using your iPod to get healthy

Technology is on the go now and since you can take it with you, not only can you exercise to your favorite tunes but you can also have you own personal trainer with you in the form of an ebook or podcast. There are Lecteurs MP3 format for you to get motivated. The Apple Apps store even has free apps for dieting and tracking your progress.

So if you need a little help in your quest to get back on track with your health, look no further than your pocket gadget.

The male sex drive

While most men are outwardly sexually demanding and boast to their male friends their sexual adventures, it is not hard to imagine that it is embarrassing to men to not have engaged in sex in over several months or more. The openly advertising of ED medications and therapies has not helped the situation either. In reality, what is happening is that men are looking for the best testosterone boosters in the forms of pills but they don't need them if they quit drinking alcohol, stopped smoking and ate a well balanced diet.

Alcohol is one of the best ways to decrease a sex drive. This goes for women as well as men. Alcohol is a depressant and as such it lowers blood pressure, sperm count, sexual desire and libido. It is unfortunate that alcohol is associated with sex but in fact it is the worse thing for it. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The little pill that makes it all better

We are a society of the "quick fix." We want everything to be easy. Don't like the way you look? Have a little nip and tuck. Do you weigh too much? Take a pill and eat all you want. Yes, we want it all and want it NOW. Sorry folks, but it doesn't happen that way. It took months or even years for your body to gain weight so even the best weight loss pills in the world are not going to work in a few weeks. If they do then you will probably end up with other health problems like weakened bones or blood pressure problems.

Life is not a quick fix, it takes time to undo what damage we have done to ourselves. Take it easy and do it right. Learn eat right, learn to enjoy life without smoking and alcohol. You will feel better.

One diet pill that really works

A family member was having a very hard time losing weight. He weighed 325 pounds and for 2 years was trying desperately to get down to 240 pounds but couldn't get past 270 pounds. He was exercising 3 times a week at a gym and was on a 2000 calories a day diet. Finally he convinced his doctor he needed something else to help him so he put him on these diet pills that were not meant to be actually diet pills, but what us lay people call, "uppers." He was on them for one month and lost 30 pounds. The doctor took him off of the pills for a month then put him back on them for 2 more months. He got down to 220 pounds and stayed there for several months. I have been waiting for an update to find out if he is back on the pills or not, or if he is finally managing to maintain his weight without pills.

Building muscle mass

The best way to increase your metabolism is to increase your muscle mass in comparison to your fat percent of your body weight. Muscle cells use more calories than fat cells do just to maintain themselves. So what is the best muscle building supplement in terms of food? Think protein.

Great foods for muscle cells are lean meats, cottage cheese, yogurt and eggs. All are loaded with high protein, which is the building block that muscle tissue needs to grow and multiply.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wonder if anyone ever reads my blog

I have been writing this little blog for a few years now and I rarely get a comment on it or much traffic at all. I wonder if it is because there are thousands of other blogs that cover the same subject? Just yesterday I was thrilled to get an email notifying me of a comment that I needed to modify on this blog. That was until I read the comment and it was a spam comment just to get a link to the best radar detector on the market......yeah, right. That got deleted.Well who knows, maybe one day I'll get more visitors, but until then it is just you and me, so don't get sick or it will be just me around here for awhile.

Modern technology and your health

If it was not for modern technology many of us would have died prematurely. While some people try to blame computer monitors and cell phones for common health problems like eye strain and hearing problems, it is apparent that the great majority of technology has made strides in helping us more aware of our health. That simple little gadget, the pedometer, has made us more aware of daily activites and how much walking we do.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Should you have a career in health care

Yes there is a growing demand for people to enter the health care field but should you be one of them? Before you decide on a glowing career as a doctor, nurse or even a CNA, think about these valid points:
  • Can you handle death? You will experience death up close and personal as you will watch people die on a daily of weekly basis.
  • Can you handle puke and poop? I am not talking about baby or small children make a mess but full grown adults.
  • Can you handle working with people that have deadly diseases? Remember, you not only have to keep yourself safe but you could endanger your family if you bring home a germ or 2.
Now that you have had a chance to think that over, you might want to look into a health care career that is more distant from patients. Maybe a job as a medical technician. There are even healthcare it jobs if you are into computers more than people.

Yes you can work in the medical field but first think about what your duties would be before you take that leap.