Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There's caffeine in that diet pill

If you look at any over the counter diet pill, they contain caffeine. This leads to a racing heart as well as mild hyperactivity and bladder problems. In fact a review about OxyElite Pro mentions all of the cons about the product including the claims of metabolism enhancing. I guess that people still are unaware that metabolism is based on ratio of lean muscle mass compared to fat.

I have found a great way to track my health progress

After my last laptop gave out, I seem to go through one laptop every 5 years, I decided to ignore those best netbooks ads and go with something completely different. I like my small iPod but I wanted something bigger but not as big as an iPad. I looked into tablet PC's and found many of them are under $150. I am currently looking into getting one that costs only $138 and has wifi and a camera so I can also take pics of my progress of muscle building. Another big plus is that it will fit nicely on my treadmill so I can watch videos of exercise workouts or maybe a movie.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taking up yoga

It is now official, hubby has to take up yoga. It is doctors orders!!!

His spine is bothering him and after a full MRI, a trip to several doctors the diagnosis is surgery unless he can strengthen his core and completely muscle up. The doctor and the specialist both said yoga was the first step and to work up to pilates.

I mentioned this to a co-worker who was document scanning at the time and she said she had a yoga DVD we could borrow. Since there are various different styles of yoga being taught on DVD it is best to see which one would be a good starting point.