Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The economy is down and so is over eating

There is a silver lining to the recession after all. The major news sources are reporting that less people are eating at fast food chains and are starting to eliminate extra snacks from their diet. This is not a case of everyone decided to eat healthier overnight, no it is because they can't afford those little extra indulgences.

Coupon clipping is up and almost matches what it use to be over 15 years ago. The price of gasoline has also forced people to car pool and ride their bicycles to school and work.

The recession just might be the jolt everyone needed to shed those extra pounds and get back into shape. The added bonus to that is the fact the healthier you are, the less visits to the doctor you will have and that will save you more money.

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Anonymous said...

That is interesting. I would have thought that people might be doing more stress eating vs. less eating.

Slowing down is never a bad thing. Good time to figure out what matters most.

Thanks for the topic!