About me

I figured that I should finally write a page about me so you get some idea of where I get most of my information from and my experience at weight loss. So here goes:

I have about 20 years of physical education background which includes being a personal trainer to several professional equestrian competitors as well as a senior citizen workout instructor. I have worked in a major hospital as an assistant physical therapist. I have battled my own weight problem and have relearned how to cook for a family that was slowly becoming obese. Trips to our dietitian was a monthly agenda.

My knowledge and experiences are something that has educated me and now I just wish to share those experiences. I know I will never become rich or famous from writing this little blog but my hope is that it might help at least one person, just one, from having any weight related health problems, then my writing would have done what I set out to do. Maybe that person is you.