Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eating healthy during the holiday season

It is a fact that we are geared genetically to gain weight during the winter months. This is to help our bodies tolerate cold winters. Of course our genes don't know about central heating so it keeps telling us to eat for the winter. That is one of the main reasons that most feast days for humans have been historically in the winter months.

We must consciously make the decision to eat wisely during our feasting holidays. Eat small meals and don't pig out on odd burlesque pasties for sale or cakes that are very rich in creams and sugars. I am not saying you should avoid them entirely, no, just eat taster sizes. Don't eat a whole slice of cheese cake, cut it in half and share it.

Eat and savor each small bite and you'll find that the holiday season will be good to your body.

Choose your holiday gift wisely

When people ask you what you want for Christmas are you often at a loss what to say? You are trying to stay healthy so unhealthy gifts are not what you want. So what are your many kinds of gift options when it comes to your health?

Here is a list what you can tell them you want for Christmas
  • a workout DVD
  • gift card to a sporting goods store
  • a basket of fresh fruit
  • a comfortable pair of walking shoes
So this Christmas think healthy.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hobbies can keep you healthy

When you think of hobbies keeping you healthy, I bet you are thinking about ones that are physically active. It is true that keeping fit will help you stay healthy but often mental health is not taken into consideration at all. Studies have shown us that happy people live longer than depressed people. Depression kills, depression is unhealthy.

In order to keep yourself happy and depression free take up a hobby that is mind challenging and fun. Try guitar lessons, photography, training a pet, knitting or learning something new that you wanted to do since you were little. Even meeting with old friends you have not talked to in years or putting a scrapbook together can bring interest back into your life. Don't let the economy get to you. You don't have to spend a dime to be happy. Happiness is a frame of mind. What ever you do to find that frame is all you need to stay there.

Eczema and other skin problems

Eczema can cause dry patches of skin that can drive you nuts. There are skin care products that can take care of the problem almost immediately. I should know, I had an unsightly dark raised patch on my face. I was scared to death that it might be cancer. At the time I was experiencing very dry skin behind my ears and had bought a skin product for eczema. Out of a whim I dabbed a bit of the lotion on the dark raised patch just before going to bed. By morning I noticed a marked change in the skin.

I continued to put lotion on the darkened skin long after my dry skin behind my ears cleared up. It took about 2 months of applying daily lotion to the area and the spot was almost gone. I figured that it could not be skin cancer because skin cancer does not go away without a doctors care. I don't know what it was but the lotion I bought apparently worked.