Friday, October 30, 2009

Has the economy affected our eating habits?

With the rise of food costs and the high unemployment rate you would thank that food consumption would be down. Before you say yes or no, let's look at some facts. McDonald's is experiencing a boom in sales. They have opened up 100's of new locations since the recession began. The next report is that many more people than usual are suffering from depression as a result of job loss or just worrying about losing a job. A most of us know, people turn to comfort foods to battle depression.

Several people that I personally know are actually cutting back on other expenses in order to buy food. One even got rid of their pets, another decided not to pay for motorhome insurance on his RV because it will sit parked for the next 8 months.

The bottom line is that even when times are hard people will still eat and often overeat just to feel better about their lives.

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