Friday, April 4, 2008

The weight plateau

I have reached my weight loss plateau. You know what that is. It is the phase in our diets that you can't seem to lose anymore weight. I am still 25 lbs over my desired weight and I can't seem to get to shedding more pounds. I am to the point that I have to make a doctor's appointment to see what is going on or maybe try an over the counter diet aid like Lipodrene with Ephedra. I have been staying away from stimulants and pills that make your stomach feel full because I need to find a healthy way to help my body lose the excess baggage. Unfortunately I am getting desperate to lose my extra pounds. The plateau I am at right now has been lasting for about 3 weeks now and nothing seems to be working. Before trying any over the counter herb, diet pill or other type of diet aid I will consult with my doctor because I am on medication that might interact with over the counter diet aids. I do want to lose weight but I don't want to make my health worse by trying the wrong method.

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