Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New clothing the reward we give ourselves for losing weight

Do you shop for clothing with the idea of "when I lose a few more pounds, I'll fit into that?" If you do you are not alone. Many women actually reward themselves or use clothing as a goal to lose weight or a few dress sizes. Rather than using a tape measure to see how much we women have lost in inches, we use the "wow, I look great in this now," method of self gratification.

A doctor I once had years ago actually told me never to wear a pair of pants with an elastic waist band, because as I gained weight I would not notice it s fast as wearing a non-stretch waistband. She was right and I did indeed wear expanding pants as I got older and I felt bloated when I put on my non-stretch pants.

Clothing is a great tool. You can use it as a reward. When you see something you want to fit into in the next month or so, you don't have to feel guilty when you buy it on sale. It is also a wonderful indicator of weight loss or gain.

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