Monday, July 12, 2010

One food that can help your body and skin

There are lots of foods that profess to help you lose weight. I can think of one main one off hand and that is grapefruit. I remember my mother eating a grapefruit for breakfast and drinking grapefruit juice for lunch as a method of weight loss. I asked her once if she liked grapefruits enough to eat them twice a day, everyday and she told me NO! She only ate them because she heard that they would help her body burn off fat. She did lose weight with her fruit diet but not because it was grapefruit but because she was almost starving herself in the process. If you are wondering if she put those pounds right back on after eating grapefruits for almost 2 years, she did. She did not learn to eat a balanced diet that she could maintain.

One food that I have found that worked for me was yogurt. I ate that for lunch along with a piece of fruit when I was at work. It was not only a quick and easy lunch to make but it kept me from feeling starved all afternoon long. I have also heard that yogurt is one of the best acne treatments around. Of course for acne, you don't eat the yogurt but put plain yogurt on your face after you wash it. Something about balancing your ph levels on your skin.

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