Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking good this summer

I swear that almost every male that I saw today had their shirt off. It was not a hot day but warm. I can only be thankful that most of them were in very good muscular condition. I even saw one guy that was washing his car and until he turned around and I saw his full gray beard, I would have sworn he was in his twenties.

Yes I was looking, I am allowed, aren't I? It was not as if I had binoculars and was looking through windows, nope this was all on display in a small town.

It did get me thinking about men and women and how most men do tend to take better care of their bodies than most women do. I think that has to be how men are raised in the school system. There are more physical fitness opportunities and availability for boys and men than there are for girls and women. Women are taught that the face is the important part of their bodies for glamor. That is why cosmetics are a big industry. While men are taught to be strong and muscular.

I wonder if and when that will change? Your guess is as good as mine I suppose.

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