Monday, August 4, 2008

Feeling stuffed while losing weight

Since my husband went on his doctor prescribed low-carb diet he has lost 25 lbs in just under 4 weeks. I decided to go on the same diet and have lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks.

This diet has changed the whole way I look at food. I no longer look at calories or fat content of foods, in fact I have found that meats and protein foods are what my body has been needing all these years. Also the diet encourages you to eat. That is something that I had not normally thought of. You must eat every few hours to keep your body from storing fat. As long as your body knows there is food coming down to the stomach it does not go into fat storing mode.

My husband's daily carb limit is 195g and my limit is 165g. It is just so amazing that he can eat a baked chicken patty or chicken strips for a SNACK and not a meal and still lose weight. We did have to switch to a low carb bread (we still love sandwiches) so we could have 2 slices instead of just one.

Some interesting items:
  • Ice cream has lower carbs than sherbet
  • Cashews are great low carb snacks
  • Light salad dressing usually has more carbs than regular salad dressing
  • The term "light" usually means low fat, they take out the fat and add carbs in the form of sugar or grains

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