Saturday, February 28, 2009

Potato chips and water weight gain

Salty snacks are not so much a calorie problem as much as they cause the body to retain fluid. Salt is present in most hydration sports drinks to help you retain fluid during extreme heat and exercise. If you have been eating potato chips or salted nuts then be aware that your weight will go up temporarily due to retained fluid in your body.

Salty snacks can be a good thing to have during the summer months when people are more active and sometimes forget to drink fluids. The retention of fluids will keep them from getting heat stroke.

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Rachel said...

I tend to avoid having too much salt as I am at risk of getting high blood pressure and I think it is better to not get a taste for salty foods. Most salty snacks seem to be full of fat anyway and since changing to a healthier lifestyle I am rarely tempted by them.