Thursday, March 5, 2009

Put that remote control down and back away from the TV

A dietitian told me that many of her patients are gaining weight again. The cause is not watching regular TV shows but watching too much TV news. It seems that more and more people are being worried about the economy not because of it hitting them but because it is being reported too much on TV. Their worry is turning them to food for comfort.

Do yourself a favor and stop watching the news for a while. If you need to check on the weather go to a weather only website. Don't stress out about the economy. It is something you can't control so don't worry about it.


Mike Foster said...

Makes sense. The key for me is to shut the TV off (or never turn it on) and stay active. Oh, and limit portions and eat tons of fiber.

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African Weight Loss Diva said...

Very Very true, but its usually hard for people to stick to that rule!