Friday, March 6, 2009

Are you an exercise junkie?

Maybe it is time that people started to get hooked on working out. People can get hooked on other non-healthy habits so why not get hooked on a good thing? Are you "hooked" on text messaging, buying shoes, watching too much TV or some other craze that seems to limit our desire for healthy habits. I won't even get into the fact of hopping into the car just to drive a few blocks to the fast food restaurant for lunch or promising yourself you will quit smoking.

If it was so easy to get hooked on the un-healthy habits why is it so hard to get hooked on to good healthy habits? For some people it is not hard at all. It is simply the mind set and attitude a person has or doesn't have.

I found another diet and exercise blog called Gym Junkie. It is full of muscle gaining secrets and weight loss diets and workout videos. This blog is written by Vic Maggery and you should read his story on the blog of how he got started in the world of working out. He became a martial arts trainer in 2002 and hasn't looked back since. He also reviews other people's workout books on his blog like the Turbulence training review. It is defiantly a blog worth taking a look at.

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