Monday, April 27, 2009

Before and after photos

If you have ever lost even just one dress size you know the feeling of accomplishment. If you have lost more than 2 dress sizes and then found some old photos of yourself when you were heavier then you know you have come a long way.

Now if you are just starting out to lose weight and get into shape here is a tip to help you stay focused and lose even more weight:
  • Take a "before" photo of yourself. One week later take another photo. Then 2 weeks later take another photo. After 4 weeks take your last photo. At no time should you look at the photos. Just keep them stored on your sd card in your digital camera. You should have 4 photos of yourself that span 7 weeks of your diet and exercise plan. On your 8th week you can then take a look at the photos. You will be shocked at the difference in your body. It will boost your will to keep on going with your plan to have a healthier and fit body.

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