Monday, November 2, 2009

Lose that belly fat

I don't think I know anyone that has a fat belly fetish. In fact most people I know will stare at obese people at Walmart even if they are overweight themselves. For those of us who are constantly battling the fat war, we want to know how to lose belly fat.

I remember when I was younger it was so easy to walk off those extra pounds. In high school I had one of those flatter than a table top tummy. I could do 90 sit-ups in under 60 seconds for those fitness tests each year. As I got older and had an office job those extra pounds started to gather at the waistline.

I found that in order to combat the bulging waistline I have to exercise more vigorously than I did when I was younger. As a person ages their metabolisum does slow down so in order to keep it elevated you should have a high percentage of your body be muscle rather than fat. Muscle will use far greater calories and carbs just at rest than fat does. The only way to get and keep muscle is with exercise.

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