Friday, November 13, 2009

Losing weight allowed me to save money

I had no idea how much money was being spent on snack foods until we started to cut them out of our diet. Would you believe that it was an extra $40 a week just in junk food? I was totally shocked.

Hubby an I decided to put that extra money in a "rewards" savings account. The reward was to give us something for not eating junk food and losing weight. We were thinking about going on a vacation to somewhere exotic like the Bahamas, Morocco or punta cana dominican republic, just because they are not the normal places the general tourists go to. I actually like Greece but Hubby would like Japan so we are still discussing the plans.

You might try and reward yourself for losing weight like we are doing. Either a vacation or an item you have always wanted. Don't reward yourself by going out to dinner, we use to do that and it got us nowhere with our diets.

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