Monday, February 22, 2010

The types of jobs you need to be fit for

With the job market that is so tight right now, it does not take much of an imagination to figure out that being physically fit will often get you that job you are after. There are of course some jobs that require a person not only to be fit but pass an extreme physical just to be considered for the job. One such job is being a fire fighter. I know of several people both male and female that got their Fire Service degrees only to fail the obstacle course that they had to pass just to be considered for the job. They all went back after more rigorous training and passed the obstacle course so they could advance to the next level of elimination.

The physical demands for that type of job are tremendous. Other physically demanding jobs are farm field workers, tree trimmer, electric linesmen and logger. Most are considered to be a male oriented careers but us gals know that if we want to get the good pay we have to, and do, enter those male careers for better pay.

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