Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Interesting studies on obesity

I just saw on TV a few news stories about obesity. The first one claimed to have found the major reason why people in the USA are becoming more and more obese. It was not due to eating habits but the fact that their bodies are not needing as much food as it use to. You see they claim that the human body uses "X" amount of calories a day to regulate its body temperature. More and more people are now living in temperature controlled environments and don't use those calories for temperature regulation anymore. Your body use to work hard to keep you cool and hard again to warm you up. If your body doesn't have to do that then it doesn't need those calories anymore. That was an interesting news story.

The next one was about how obese women thought that they were being picked on at a local clothing store by being "spied" on by the store's security cameras. Not sure where that story was heading.

The last story I saw was one on childhood obesity and the strange part about the story was not the actual story but the one that followed it, it was about how PE was being removed from school curriculum. Now if only they figured out that those 2 stories were linked then they would have cause and effect right there.

Obesity and weight sure is in the news almost everyday now. It use to be just fad diet news but now it has become a national health crisis.

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