Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wonder if anyone ever reads my blog

I have been writing this little blog for a few years now and I rarely get a comment on it or much traffic at all. I wonder if it is because there are thousands of other blogs that cover the same subject? Just yesterday I was thrilled to get an email notifying me of a comment that I needed to modify on this blog. That was until I read the comment and it was a spam comment just to get a link to the best radar detector on the market......yeah, right. That got deleted.Well who knows, maybe one day I'll get more visitors, but until then it is just you and me, so don't get sick or it will be just me around here for awhile.


ariel said...

i read ur blog^^

I am woman said...

Thanks, that is nice to know. At least I am not just writing to the wind.