Friday, February 4, 2011

Should you have a career in health care

Yes there is a growing demand for people to enter the health care field but should you be one of them? Before you decide on a glowing career as a doctor, nurse or even a CNA, think about these valid points:
  • Can you handle death? You will experience death up close and personal as you will watch people die on a daily of weekly basis.
  • Can you handle puke and poop? I am not talking about baby or small children make a mess but full grown adults.
  • Can you handle working with people that have deadly diseases? Remember, you not only have to keep yourself safe but you could endanger your family if you bring home a germ or 2.
Now that you have had a chance to think that over, you might want to look into a health care career that is more distant from patients. Maybe a job as a medical technician. There are even healthcare it jobs if you are into computers more than people.

Yes you can work in the medical field but first think about what your duties would be before you take that leap.

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