Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nike makes sports goof

If you exercise, you know the value of a good pair of workout shoes. Nike is the brand that first comes to mind for specialized footwear. So would it surprise you that Nike made a goof designing shoes several years ago? The goof they made was getting involved in designing a boot for a sport they had no track record for. They tried to design English  equestrian boots and made some hideous boots. The biggest mistake was the location of the zipper. In regular English riding boots the zipper is located at the back of the boot. That is to keep the zipper out of sight while the rider is in the saddle and importantly so it does not rub the rider. Nike made the zipper run over the top of the foot and wrap up the outside of the boot. The location would make the zipper rub against the stirrup which would cause a blister on the top of the foot and it just looked bad.

I think that Nike gave up on the boot, at least I have not heard anything more about it in some time now.

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