Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pick the right vacation to keep you away from food

You are thinking about what to do and where to go on vacation this year and want to stay on your diet and exercise program at the same time. Don't sabotage your life goals with taking the wrong type of vacation.

One type of vacation to stay far away from is cruises. Sure you get to visit lots of really nice places but most of the time you will be aboard ship and eating and eating. The cruise lines are noted for their fine, rich (as in high fat and calorie) lavish dishes. I don't want you to use your international travel insurance on a trip to ER for bloat or a heart attack.

Find a vacation experience that will take you away from restaurants and fine dining for most of the day. A vacation that puts emphasis on walking or bike riding as the form of getting around would be ideal. Visiting large cities and walking around in museums and other places of interest would work out just fine as long as you stay away from the local small restaurants along the way. Pack a few low calorie snacks to keep the hunger tiger off your back.

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