Saturday, July 18, 2009

One of my most embarrassing moments

About 17 years ago I had one of my most embarrassing moments with my weight. I had, at least what I thought was, a fairly nice figure, that is until the day I was approached by a co-worker who told me that she and several others wanted to know when the "baby" was due. I was not pregnant!

It not only embarrassed me but the co-worker that asked me. I was not only embarrassed but also angry at the lack of tact that the women had. It almost got me to the point of printing out a sign for my office that said " there will not be any birth announcements this year".

If you know someone who is overweight do not mention anything about dress sizes, weight or pregnancies to them. They are well aware of how much they weigh and don't need to be reminded every hour.

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