Friday, August 14, 2009

Diet tips

When I talk to people about diets, dieting and fads, people often ask me what is the best weight loss supplements I usually tell them, good wholesome food, but in small quantities. It is not the type of food but the amount. You can eat anything you want if you keep the portions small. If you want to lose weight just keep everything no bigger than taster size.

I am also asked what to eat or drink to keep the hunger pangs away. I tell them not to starve themselves. Eat small portions yes, but every 2 hours. The idea is to always keep something in your stomach so you won't go overboard eating at meals. Water will fill you up and in fact can help you feel full. Peanuts are also a good way to keep the hunger pangs away during the night. Just eat a 1/2 cup of peanuts before you go to bed so you won't want to get up and have that midnight snack.

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