Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Be good to your lungs

Of course you know better than to smoke if you are trying to get into shape. Your lungs will require more air as you workout and you need clean air for your body to not be stressed out. Keeping that in mind you will want to exercise in an area that is free of smoke, air pollution and dust. If you exercise outdoors, watch the local pollution reports for the air index. If you exercise indoors then you should have a dust free area which means you will either have to keep your workout area clean and keep an eye on your indoor air filters on your air conditioner or heater.

Take care of your lungs. If you start coughing during your workout it could be because of dust or that your heart is struggling. Slow down and stop if you have to. You need to eliminate the cause before you continue. The first thing will be to determine if it is dust or indoor air pollution. If that is not the case then a trip to the doctor is in order for a complete check-up.

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