Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do weight loss products really work?

So you have gotten to the point of almost giving up on that healthy diet and exercise routine. You haven't lost an ounce in at least a month and you are at your wits end. Should you resort to find a weight loss product over the counter or should you consult your doctor first? Writing from experience I say get your doctor involved. I had to have blood tests run to see what was wrong with me - I couldn't lose weight at all for at least 2 years no matter what I did.

Your doctor can assess your body and tell what would be the best weight loss product for your body or even if you need such a product. My doctor found out that I had an under active thyroid that was slowing down my metabolism. Without my thyroid medication, my under active thyroid would also affect my internal organs. So by having my doctor check me out I avoided putting my general health in jeopardy.

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