Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Knowing when to take a break from exercise

You should be well aware that in order for your body to build muscle from your workouts you should NOT be exercising those same muscle groups within 24 hours. For example you can walk or run one day then the next day do an upper body workout. Your muscles need 48 hours to rest and build more muscle tissue. By letting each muscle group take a break from a workout you maximize the effects of those workouts.

By the same token if you don't give those muscle groups a 48 break you will end up with very thin and elongated muscles. That works out great if you are a long distance runner but not if you have a lot of fat to lose.

For your own peace of mind you should also take a mental break from working out. Take a nice long bath or soak in the hot tub for the time you would normally be working out that day. Light the scented candles in your fancy candle sconces and relax. Unwind and don't worry about your weight for one day a week.

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