Friday, September 4, 2009

The down side to being overweight

We all know the health affects of being overweight.The increased risks for heart attacks and other health problems but it also affects our pocket book. Did you know that our insurance rates go up? Life insurance is a big one on that. Most insurance policies make you get a physical check-up as part of procedure to get a policy. It is almost a rarity to find life insurance no medical exam nowadays.

Also did you know that any medical information reported to an insurance company goes on your rate information? If you have ever seen the TV show Seinfeld then you might have seen the episode of Elane trying to find a doctor where she had not been "blacklisted" with. It maybe funny but some elements of that show were right on the money - insurance money that is.

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Mike Foster said...

The key is to count your calories and make your calories count.