Friday, March 19, 2010

You have got to have fun in order to loose weight

I have discovered one of the most enjoyable weight loss programs - and I invented just for me. I have a treadmill that I think is the most boring way to exercise but since I already have it in the house I might as well use it. How I made it enjoyable was to get a small MP3 player and put 40 minutes of music on it that got me almost dancing on the machine. All of the songs I picked for their tempo and put them on the MP3 player in order to warm-up, exercise and cool down.

Now I enjoy my workouts. I told a friend and he confessed to me that he has several play lists on his iPod that he uses for workouts. He has one play list for jogging, another for weights and one for his elliptical.

Music does make exercising more fun.

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