Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fat is where you find it

Companies have made fortunes trying to convince people that their product, system or method will rid you of fat on just one part of your body. You remember that product that Suzanne Somers use to push.......The Thigh Master. People bought that product because they thought that their thighs would look like hers.

Those poor gullible consumers......they did not know that she also dieted and had a personal trainer.

Then you have those pharmaceutical companies that have pills that claim to get rid of belly fat. All I can say about that is BULL! Your body will store fat where there is a lack of muscle tone, if that happens to be your belly then you need to exercise those muscles and not take pills.

Don't fall for any product that claims to target just one part of your body. Whatever you put in your body affects your WHOLE body not just one part.

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