Saturday, May 15, 2010

I found a way to push my weight loss just a bit more

I have been having a battle with my body. I have been exercising like crazy 2 hours every other day and only managed to tone my body. That sounds great doesn't it? But unfortunately that tone is under a layer of fat that I just can't seem to lose - until now. I decided to do something drastic. I drink nothing but slim fast drinks (4 of them) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other days I eat my normal balanced diet. After one week I have lost and kept off, 3 pounds! My new diet is working!!! Not only am I losing weight at an acceptable slow rate but I am keeping it off.

Maybe this year I can get into that bikini I bought last summer. Wait, I'll need some new outdoor cushions to lay on when I am showing off my new bod. Bring on summer, I'm ready for it this year.

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