Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't just sit there!!!

How many times have you said that to yourself (see the title) only to say - later I'll do that. I am betting you never get around to it. Your comfortable modern couches or the overstuffed chair is just too nice to leave. I thought that for 6 months a few years ago. For 6 months I just sat most of the day in my overstuffed easy chair and watched TV or did a few hand held hobbies to pass the time of day. I finally realized that my life was passing me by and that I was not able to walk or go hiking like I used to do without getting out of breath. Even doing something like carrying a 40 pound sack of dog food from the car into the house was a chore.

That was when I decided to say - ENOUGH! I got off of the chair and started to do something with my life and get back into shape. I lost 30 pounds since then and I have managed to keep it off. Now I am working on gaining more muscle.

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