Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's talk about Halloween

It used to be that I would love to dress up for Halloween for parties and work. That was until I started getting plump. Then all I could think of was how to hide being overweight in a Halloween costume. One year I went as a pumpkin and didn't need any stuffing for the costume! The next year I was a "dead bride" so the old wedding gown would hide most of my size. My problem was not with just being overweight as much as it was being out of proportion. You see, my weight tends to gather in my tummy and boobs, so that I looked pregnant when I am overweight.

Nowadays they cater to the plus size gal for Halloween. They have the most gorgeous sexy halloween costumes but with one problem, they are for the proportioned overweight gal. Let me show you a couple of photos to make my point:

Here is a sexy plus size costume modeled by a well proportioned model. She has a flat tummy and her hips are not flowing into her shoulder, she has a waist. Below is a whole selection of plus size models that have big bodies but no extra rolls of fat here and there, they are bigger but not really "out of shape" so to speak. They can still wear sexy clothes and make it work for them.

The bottom line is......a model still looks good whether she is a plus or not, the rest of us are just .......

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