Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Your weight and looking for work

Our society (in the USA) is unfortunately one of being superficial. This fact is often more apparent when a woman (yep this post is aimed at the women readers for now) is looking for a job. While men are judged on their previous work history or education, women are judged first on their looks then their education and work history. It is not uncommon for men to be hired over the phone for a job without having that interview in person, but a woman is often called to come in for that interview.

Employers want to see what that prospective women employee looks like before they hire them. Employers are often more critical of a woman's looks for sales jobs, receptionists or other high public contact position. They claim that those positions are more as company representatives and they want to put out a good impression to the public. I say BS. It is just their method of discrimination, but how to you prove it?

Since the job market is very tight right now, women are getting their faces lifted, having tummy tucks done and above all else, going back to the gym for working out. While plastic surgery is very expensive and I don't recommend it at all, getting your body in shape, the cheap old fashioned way of working out, will not only benefit you but might increase your chances of securing that job you have wanted.

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