Saturday, September 25, 2010

Take care of your muscles after a workout

Do you know how to do a proper cool down after you workout? Did you know that not allowing for a proper cool down routine as part of your workout will result in sore, cramping muscles? A proper cool down involves exercises and not just a trip to the hot tub. You can use a treadmill to cool down or just walking. Your aim is to keep moving until your pulse is just slightly elevated and that you have stopped sweating profusely.

Ignoring a proper cool down will result in pain, tight muscles and your tendency to avoid workouts all together. You will then be concentrating on how alleviate your pain, either by pain pills, heated mattress pads, ice packs or massage. It would be much easier just to spend 5 minutes at the end of your workouts to just learn to do the right exercises for cool downs.

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